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The five top categories of dog grooming business names

There are five main types of business names that you should be aware of before you start looking for dog grooming business name ideas. We'll go through what these categories are and how they differ from each other below.

One of a kind business names enable you to create a fascinating brand that effortlessly attracts the attention of your target audience. They're distinct, unique, and create a quick and lasting impression on people.

Sophisticated names have a refreshing feel to them. They often incorporate ideas, concepts, or emotions that convey a story around your brand.

Distinctive names help you stand out from the crowd. Using unconventional and unusual words can make your business name more memorable and interesting. Distinctive names give you the opportunity to turn your brand into something special.

A trusting business name will make it easier to sell your product to people haven't heard of you before. Potential customers may feel that your brand is more approachable and trustworthy.

While coming up with relevant business name is important, you shouldn't be afraid to get inventive. Creative business names can increase customer interest and help demonstrate that you're passionate.

How to choose the best dog grooming business name

One of the biggest reasons people have trouble coming up with business names is that they don't have a proven method for coming up with ideas. We've created a list of best practices for choosing the best business name so you can come up with a name faster.

Keep your dog grooming business name brief, attractive, and unique.

If you've already decided on a business name, it's important to question yourself about why it's the right one. A good business name tells people what you do instantly and is easy to find online. A lot of businesses go to great lengths to come up with a memorable or unique name, but forget to consider whether their customers can spell it.

Aim to:

Ensure your dog grooming business name doesn't have multiple meanings

Avoid using shorter spelling by omitting letters

Pick a keyword that's memorable to your product

For a new businesses looking to cash in on the social selling trend, it's a good idea to pick a name that's easy to find online.

Avoid hyphens and numbers

It's common for people to misspell words when making searches on Google. So it's important to make the spelling of your business name as intuitive and simple as possible. For example, shortening words like "keyboard" to "kybrd" or using "2" in place of "to" can make it difficult for potential customers to find you online.

Using symbols or special characters can easily frustrate customers too so it's best to not include these.

The following should be avoided:

Mixing numbers and words

Deliberate grammatical errors

Unique characters


Where possible, include SEO keywords in your dog grooming business name.

Many people find businesses through search engines these days, so it may be a good idea to incorporate relevant keywords into your business name. When you do this, it tells search engines like Google what your business is about, which can help improve your rankings.

Combining terms and keywords can increase your likelihood of being found in Google search. Identify relevant keywords that tie back to your dog grooming business, then consider how to incorporate them into your business name.

Try the formula [brand name] + [broad keyword] = [business name]:

Keeper's + Lingerie = Keeper's Lingerie

Kelly’s + Cookies = Kelly's Cookies or Cookies by Kelly

Ditch + T-Shirts = Ditch T-Shirts

It's best to stick to one or two keywords, as more can come across as obtrusive. This might tarnish your brand's image and drive away potential customers.

Looking for inspiration? Try a business name generator

Stuck on what to name your business? Shopify's free Business Name Generator can help you come up with potential ideas. All you have to do is type a keyword or two into the generator field above!

Now that you've come up with a name, the next step is to build a website so your customers can find it. To ensure you have the ideal domain name for your business, you should use a domain name checker to see if it's available. Fortunately, Shopify's Domain Name Generator does just that! You can use the tool to check domain availability in a matter of seconds.

Prior to actually registering a domain name, make sure it isn't already taken. There are 3 methods you can use to check:

  • To see if the name has been trademarked, go to, which is a trademark database
  • Check social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other relevant social media channels to make sure the name isn't already claimed
  • Do a quick Google search to see if anyone other brands are already using your desired name

The most commonly used domain extension on the Internet is .com. It's easy to remember and most smartphone keyboards have a dedicated .com button. However, if you're a small local business trying to save money, you may want to consider using a country code top-level domain (ccTLD) like or .it instead.


Mostly used for non-profits, but you can use it too


If you provide agency services you can choose this option


If you're a bike shop, this is the ideal way to let your audience know right from the get-go


As an alternative to .com, this domain type is great for all languages across the world

Using a ccTLD will indicate to customers that you operate in a specific country. It could help you build consumer trust and loyalty, as well as improve your search engine rankings in that region.

What if the domain name you want is already in use?

It's very possible that the domain name you've chosen for your dog grooming business has already been taken by someone else. If you still wish to use it, you have a handful of options:

Buy it from the person who owns it

There's a chance that the domain you want to buy is owned by someone who's willing to sell it. Check the WHOIS database and see what information you can find about the owner of the domain. Set a maximum price before jumping into negotiations. If the domain is overly expensive, rethink whether it's worth buying.

Pick a modified version

Make a list of what you think might be good modified names around your original idea. One way to do this is by incorporating your industry into your domain name. Or you could narrow in on a local market by registering a ccTLD for a specific city, country, or geographic region. For example, if you want to sell to Italians specifically, you could choose the .it extension. The domain extension tells search engines that your site is targeted mainly to Italy and it could lead to better rankings in the country.

Consider a different TLD

If someone else has already registered the .com domain you were hoping for, consider a different TLD for your dog grooming business. For example, .co and .store are very popular among ecommerce businesses.

Consider using a site like Namestat to find out which TLDs are becoming increasingly popular. Also, make sure to check a domain's history on Spamhaus to find out if Google and other search engines have blacklisted it.

What to do to get your domain name registered

Shopify's platform provides the ability to register a domain when you're setting up your store. While we make it easy to register and manage your domain, be sure to set up auto-renewals so you don't lose your domain to somebody in the future.

Shopify provides a free domain name for your store if you haven't registered one yet. It's automatically generated when you sign up to the platform. This gives you more flexibility to spend time designing an engaging store and adding products before you pull the trigger on a custom domain name.

Leveraging your dog grooming business name to your advantage

Your brand and business are more than what you publish on your website or social media. It's the perception the world has of you, both online and offline.

It isn't essential for your dog grooming business name to be exceptionally brilliant to be good. It's best to avoid names that are confusing, forgettable, or overly complicated. Your goal is to be seen as trustworthy to potential customers.

Dog Grooming Business Name Examples

Other considerations when developing your dog grooming business name

Here are a few more factors to explore while naming your business:

  • Avoid using words that are common or bland
  • Use simple spelling to prevent customers from getting irritated when searching for your business online
  • Purchase your domain as early as possible to avoid it being registered to someone else
  • Consider what sets you apart in your market and include it in your company name
  • Choose a name that isn't overly complicated
  • Spelling your dog grooming business name in an alternative manner can be useful
  • Don't choose a name that has already been claimed!
  • Ask for feedback on your business name before you commit to it
  • Choose an easy to remember name
  • Steer clear of including your product in your business name


The dog grooming business name generator provides instant suggestions in a few simple steps. First, think of a word that best describes your dog grooming business and enter it into the name generator field. Then, click the "Generate names" button. Now, you have over a hundred possible dog grooming business names to choose from.

To come up with good dog grooming shop name ideas, consider what your dog grooming experience is like, what services you offer, where you’re located, and what makes your shop different from others.

Use the answers to these questions to create a list of possible dog grooming shop names. Once you’re happy, be sure to confirm whether your potential business name is already taken.

You can search for good dog grooming business name ideas in Shopify’s free business name generator tool, but here are some words to get you started:

  • Bark
  • Bathe
  • Scrub
  • Dapper
  • Paws

Some creative dog grooming names include "Fancy Paws", "Good Dog Groomers", "Groom on the Go", "Grooming Pawlor", and "Head 2 Tail".

Shopify’s name generator tool is free to use for all businesses and entrepreneurs. You can run as many searches as you like!

Some of the best dog grooming names include "Pawfect Spa", "The Groom Room", "Happy Tails", and "Barks and Bubbles."

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