The Bath Bomb

As an avid bather, I enjoy taking time several nights a week to retreat to the tub- taking time for me, and me only. I love the concepts of bath bombs, beautiful effervescent spheres that release a mystery of salts, oils, butters and who-knows what else into the tub creating a tubcauction, a truly unique bathing experience.

I soon began trying my hand at creating them myself, experimenting with a few ingredients here and there and truly learning the art of bath bombs. I soon found that I could make the bath bombs dense with oils and heavy with butters- and I soon reaped the benefits on my skin after a few soaks in the tub with my newest creations.

That week I called in sick to work and I began 'blowing up my bath' with these truly wonderful bath bombs that literally created an escape from reality- a weak moment of self indulgence. I then brought in my future business partner Mathieu Roy Chabot, who- as a frequent bather himself values what goes into the tub and with a keen eye for impeccable quality products, we were well on our way in this exciting adventure.

Almost ten months followed of testing over sixty different bath bomb combinations and working closely with holistic professionals, homeopathic medicine students and chemists alike. We secured ten formulations that we truly could not be happier of, ten bath bombs that are like children to Mathieu and I. We want to bring back bath time in peoples lives, we want our customers to fill- drop- breathe & repeat.

Our mission is to revitalize the tub.

How did you earn your first sales? Which channels are now generating the most traffic and sales for you?

We began our marketing via social media almost two months prior to launching in an attempt to build a following and sense of a countdown among our friends, family and new followers. Our campaign was successful by posting different pictures of Mathieu and I working on formulations, testing products, sourcing essential oils etc. Upon launching we had almost 200 Instagram followers and 400 Facebook likes- this made our launch quite successful as our fans had been anticipating trying our products for some time coming.

We find most of our traffic comes from Facebook shares, our Google AdWords advertisements and Instagram followers. Many people love to share their bath experience on social media and our newest promotion allows people who do so and to tag @thebathbomb and a hashtag of #ilovemybomb on their photo to receive a 20% off unlimited promo code for website purchase.

Tell us about the back-end of your business. What tools and apps do you use to run your store? How do you handle shipping and fulfillment?

Each day we are consistently blown away by the tools accessible to small business owners online to help run their business. Obviously our number one "THANK YOU" goes to Shopify as their eCommerce system is top notch and makes it so simple to design a premium website, gives our customers a quality purchasing experience and then to provide us as business owners with the online university blogs, forums and tools required for everything else.

In addition to Shopify we use the Canada Post EST system to ship all our product quickly and efficiently. The system allows us to input our customers information, charge to our corporate card with our Venture One discount and then print the shipping label right from our computer. We print the labels on Avery shipping labels and tracking numbers are sent directly to us so that we can fullfill the orders with Shopify and relay the information to our customers.

What are your top recommendations for new ecommerce entrepreneurs?

Our biggest recommendation for new store owners is to never be afraid to ask for help. Whether it be from other small business owners for advice, to friends and family for their ability to share your content or even just ask for support from your existing networks- you never know what advice you could be given and what possibilities may be in store.

Our 'big sister' company is Tease Tea. The owner has been a mentor to us through this process and her insights and invaluable tips and overall support have helped Mathieu and I achieve what we have today. Find your small business mentor and go to lunch, coffee or in our case several glasses of vino- you'll see. Magic can happen.

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