Lemar & Dauley

Lemar & Dauley is a sportswear brand within the streetwear sector of the fashion market. We aim to bridge the gap between the technical aspects of sports apparel and the fashion component that makes it all covetable. We have been featured in Complex Magazine, Hypebeast, HighSnobiety and Sneaker Freaker. We have been able to establish a global reach expanding outside the USA with distribution in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Munich. We are addressing a customer who has an expansive sneaker collection but limited clothing that matches the energy and story telling that footwear is able to provide. We knew we needed achieve design language and brand direction that catered to this unspoken desire!

Recently, Lemar & Dauley collaborated with the Italian sportswear giant FILA. This was our opportunity to take our brand aesthetic and implement it within a shoe that embodied our mission. Our mission was to personify the "Sports & Leisure" lifestyle. This is a lifestyle that encompasses pickup basketball games in Downtown, Brooklyn while enjoying weekend retreats beachside in Montauk, NY. In fact, this lifestyle served as our inspiration in designing the L&D x Fila "Mojito" Cage basketball shoe.

The mint mojito drink served as our muse in designing a mint green pigskin suede basketball shoe for outdoor play.

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How did you earn your first sales? Which channels are now generating the most traffic and sales for you?

The L&D x Fila Mojito Cage basketball shoe was distributed sole through our Shopify platform. We wanted to create a heightened demand for the shoe so we believed it was best to sell the Mojito directly from lemaranddauley92.com. Here, we were able to exhibit the shoe exactly how we wanted it to be perceived.

We took beautiful product shots emphasizing the mint color way and a secondary photo shoot emphasizing the floral pattern we used on the interior of the shoe. We create beautiful banners and used our social platforms to spread the word that the shoe was only for sale on our ecommerce site. This attracted attention from the blogs which then reposted the shoe on their sites along with our ecomm address. In one week we garnered 18.6 million impressions online.

We catered a launch event the following week which had over 400+ attendees! The night of the event, around 3am, we uploaded all images and descriptions to the site. Within 7 hours we sold 100 basketball shoes online only on our Shopify site and sold out. The shopify platform allowed us to have singular control over all images and written copy when marketing the shoe. Most importantly, we were able to garner a 60% margin on each sale by selling direct to our customer.

Tell us about the back-end of your business. What tools and apps do you use to run your store? How do you handle shipping and fulfillment?

Presently, we dont use any additional apps to sell, but we are always open to learning what apps may work for other sites. We tend to focus on creating a narrative that our customer can follow via our social media platforms.

In January 2014 we had less than 1500 followers on Facebook. We have now increased that number to 14,000 followers. Our Instagram has grown as well from 400 followers in 2013 to 7000 followers in 2014. We continue to create product outfit grids, and emphasize product color ways to attract customers to our site while growing the brands influence.

What are your top recommendations for new ecommerce entrepreneurs?

You should always aim to be a design driven site regardless of product. Its important to spend the time on creating beautiful images that emote feeling. People respond to photos that tell a story. Use color, lightening, texture and additional props to convey your message.

The subtle details reveal so much about your brand and its values. These values suggest to you customer how much you appreciate not only the potential sale, but their respect and admiration.

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