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A laptop and shipping supplies such as boxes, tape, etc.

No setup required

Buy and print shipping labels in Shopify. The cost will be automatically added to your Shopify invoice.

Save money with discounted rates

Get discounted shipping rates when you ship your packages with our preferred carriers.

Print your labels in advance

Save time at the post office when you print your labels at home or at work.

Full integration with USPS

All Shopify merchants shipping from the United States can start buying and printing their USPS shipping labels.

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See what you could save shipping the example package below

Example Package USPS Discounted Shopify Rates
Example Package

Priority Mail
Weight: 1 pound
Shipped: NYC - Chicago

Walk-in Rate

(Jan 2017)

Discounted Shopify Rates
Basic Shopify plan
Shopify plan
Advanced Shopify plan

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Shipping supplies such as tape and packaging materials

Order shipping supplies through Shopify

Shop wholesale shipping supplies such as label printers, scales, labels, and more. Everything you need to build your own D-I-Y shipping station.

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