2018 Report

Information requests by country

In 2018, we received legal requests for information from ten countries.

2018 received requests by country
Information Requests by Country Requests Received
Australia 2
Canada 4
Denmark 2
France 2
Germany 5
India 2
Italy 1
Spain 5
UK 3
USA 89

Types of information requests

In 2018, we received different types of legal requests for information, including Grand Jury Subpoenas, Summons, Preservation Orders, Information Subpoenas, and Certifications of Trustee in Bankruptcy. We did not receive any national security letters, FISA orders, or other classified requests in 2018.

2018 received requests types
Type of Data Request Number received
Certification of Trustee in Bankruptcy 2
Civil Investigative Demand 2
Grand Jury Subpoena 20
Information Subpoena 20
Law Enforcement Request 17
Merchant’s Request Through Counsel 1
Preservation Order 3
Production Order 3
Regulatory Request 1
Search Warrant 3
Subpoena 38
Summons 5

Information requests by Shopify location

In 2018, we received legal requests for information directed to Shopify in various jurisdictions where we operate.

2018 received requests by Shopify location
Requests by Shopify Location Number of requests received
Australia 1
Canada 61
Ireland 3
Not Specified 28
USA 22

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