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Social media is one of the fastest and best ways to grow your audience, introduce new people to your products and services, and expand your positive brand reputation. All it takes to make it happen is social media marketing training from Shopify.

Get in shoppers' social feeds to showcase your brand and products, remove shopping barriers, and build customer loyalty.

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Build your brand on Instagram
Jade Darmawangsa
1h 8m

Build your brand on Instagram

Get sales with a killer Instagram strategy. Grow your brand into an empire.

This Instagram course helps you build your account from scratch. Set the right goals. Run highly-targeted campaigns. Give your audience the content they want to see. And get sales.

Learn the tips and tricks that pro marketers use to get views, loyal followers, and sales.

Your instructor is pro social media marketer Jade Darmawangsa. Jade’s social media accounts and ecommerce businesses have been so successful that she skipped college to run her own media brand.

Now Jade helps thousands of content creators launch and grow their businesses.

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Thumbnail preview about Master Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business
Cody Wittick

Master Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business

In this course you’ll learn how to create an influencer campaign from start to finish.

Your instructor Cody Wittick, co-founder and managing partner at Kynship, will teach you the step-by-step process and provide the tools and templates to successfully run your influencer marketing campaign.

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Thumbnail preview about How To Make Money on Instagram
Taylor Loren

How To Make Money on Instagram

Instagram is the perfect place to find new customers, educate your audience about your products, and move the bottom line. But depending on your audience and your products, it’s important that you find the Instagram shopping feature that works best for you. In this course, taught by Taylor Loren, Director of Marketing at Later, you’ll discover the Instagram Sales Framework that can help you make more money on the platform.

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Thumbnail preview about AIDA Framework: Advertising Philosophy 101
Taylor Holiday

AIDA Framework: Advertising Philosophy 101

Good ad creative sells products. So how do you create engaging Facebook ads that capture customer’s attention and converts to sales? In this course Taylor Holiday, CEO of Common Thread Collective and Co-Founder of ADmission will teach you the AIDA framework for ad creative that leads to ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Enroll now, and get started on creating or improving your ad creative.

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Thumbnail preview about Google Ads for Ecommerce
Daniel Patricio
1h 13m

Google Ads for Ecommerce

There is no better customer than someone who finds your business on Google. When a customer searches your product and finds your business on Google, they have buying intent.

In this 60 minute course, your instructor Daniel Patricio will teach you how Google Ads works and why you should advertise on it. 

Daniel is an ecommerce entrepreneur who grew his business to six figures by focusing on Google Ads. He also works on the marketing team at Shopify where his team built an integration between Shopify and Google to help automate the campaigns in this course.

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Thumbnail preview about Grow Your Business with Instagram
Gretta van Riel
2h 3m

Grow Your Business with Instagram

How do you build an engaged following and increase your sales on Instagram?

Is it about using the right hashtags? Taking the perfect photo? Posting at the right time?

If you want to learn how to build an engaged audience of buyers for your product, you’re in the right place to learn.

Your instructor, Gretta van Riel, is one of Australia’s top young serial entrepreneurs. With five multi-million dollar startups under her belt, Gretta prides herself on turning audiences into brands and trends into markets. She loves Instagram and has amassed over 16 million followers (bot-free) on 25 accounts on Instagram.

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Learn social media marketing with Shopify

At no point in our history has it been easier for businesses to reach potential customers. While marketers of the past had to deal with newspapers, magazine advertising, television commercials, the dreaded telemarketing, and all kinds of other analogue channels that were inefficient, limited, and costly, digital technology has made it possible to deliver messaging to millions of people in countries all over the world. And the truly incredible thing is that it’s only getting cheaper to do! Social media has changed the way businesses interact with their customers, and the result is an entirely new field: social media marketing. Because online communities have their own cultures, marketing methods have to adapt to them in order to be effective, and that means that as an entrepreneur, you need to learn social media marketing best practices in order to keep up with your customers. Fortunately, you can become an expert, quickly and easily, with free social media marketing training from Shopify.

Whether you’re interested in foundational marketing techniques for social networks or specific, targeted tactics for individual apps like TikTok, Facebook, or Instagram, Shopify has the tutorials that you need to learn social media marketing. Simply choose a topic that appeals to you and click the play button to get started—every Shopify streaming video lesson is completely free and ready for you to start at any time.

How can I learn social media marketing at home for free?

The best way to learn social media marketing at home is with a quick and concise tutorial from Shopify. Each lesson is hosted by a Shopify expert who understands your needs as an entrepreneur, making it possible for you to learn all kinds of great tips, tricks, and best practices in just a short time. Plus, Shopify's tutorials are 100% free—you don’t even have to sign up. Just choose a topic that will help your business and click the play button to get started.

How long will it take to learn social media marketing?

The time it takes to learn social media marketing is entirely up to you. Start with a quick, one-minute lesson on something specific, or set aside some time to work your way through a variety of tutorials of between one and five minutes each. With Shopify’s social media marketing training, it’s easy to curate your own learning sessions, go at your own pace, and work around your busy schedule.