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Thumbnail preview about Store design review: How does your store compare?
Krysta Roney
1h 13m

Store design review: How does your store compare?

What are customers thinking but not telling you when trying to buy from your store? Join us for this month's store design series as we uncover the most common mistakes with live store reviews by expert Ilana Davis. We'll uncover issues and opportunities that can reduce customer service calls, increase conversions plus improve SEO and web accessibility. Attend live for a chance to have your store reviewed by Ilana.
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Thumbnail preview about Live store audits with expert Jon MacDonald
Recorded Webinar
1h 2m

Live store audits with expert Jon MacDonald

Getting visitors to your site but no one is purchasing? Learn how a new visitor sees your site from Jon MacDonald, Founder & CEO of The Good as he live audits Shopify stores. He’ll help you understand areas of opportunity for improvement to convert those browsers into buyers. Submit your store URL ([here!](https://community.shopify.com/c/Compass/Feb-18-Shopify-Compass-webinar-with-Jon-MacDonald-Call-out-to/m-p/1041127?utm_source=compasslivewebinars&utm_medium=event&utm_campaign=livestoresaudits&utm_term=jonmacdonald)) and join in on the action to drive more revenue for your business.
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Expert Arianne Foulks
Recorded Webinar
1h 1m

New year, new site design: Store audits with expert Arianne Foulks

Join us as we kick off the new year with a new event series to help you improve your store design and increase sales. Turn browsers into buyers with our expert Arianne Foulks, Captain and Founder of Aeolidia. During our live session, Arianne will review a handful of ecommerce sites, providing actionable tips and best practices to improve the overall user experience and optimize for conversions.
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