New Free Shopify App: Bulk Discounts

New Free Shopify App: Bulk Discounts


The Shopify Apps team just released a much anticipated app called Bulk Discounts. This free app allows you to create or import 1000s of single use discount codes for your online store. This app can be used to:

  • Bulk generate or bulk import single use discount codes
  • Give each discount set a custom prefix
  • Keep track of how many discounts have been used
  • Easily calculate conversion rate of discount sets
  • Delete discount sets
  • Export discount sets as plain text
Bulk generating and bulk importing opens the door to some brand new promotional strategies. Here are a few examples of how you can get more orders using the Bulk Discounts app:

Promote Your Products on Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon or LivingSocial

You can copy and paste your Groupon codes into Bulk Discounts and generate all your Groupon codes online - it literally takes 30 seconds (video). 

Promote Your Products on Daily Deal Sites Like Groupon or LivingSocial

Send An Email Campaign Distributing Unique Coupon Codes

You can generate unique discounts and send the unique code to each one of your customers using MailChimp or Campaign Monitor (or a similar service). To get started first check out Chimpified and Campaignified for importing/syncing your Shopify's customers' email with MailChimp/Campaign Monitor.

To send out unique discounts using MailChimp you'll want to use merge tags (you can find your list's merge tags here). If you use Campaign Monitor you're going to want to put the discount code in a custom field and you can create custom fields in subscriber lists.

Send An Email Campaign Distributing Unique Coupon Codes

Install the free Bulk Discount app today.


  • Jaime
    October 17 2012, 05:02PM


    Great App!! One question: can I use this app with the basic plan?

  • @Shopify Craig
    October 17 2012, 06:35PM

    Hi Jamie,

    Unfortunately ‘discount codes’ are not part of the basic plan. So this app won’t be able to work for your Shopify store at the moment…

    That said, you should keep in mind that you can always upgrade and downgrade your plan. So, for example, during the holiday season you could upgrade to professional plan (your transaction fee will half and you’ll be able to use this free app) and then downgrade once the holiday rush is over. Just an idea.


  • Kern @
    Kern @
    October 17 2012, 06:35PM

    Nope, sorry.

    From the app itself: Shops on Shopify’s ‘Basic’ plan don’t have access to the discounts engine. Reach out to sales if you’d like to discuss adding discount codes to your account: 1-888-746-7439 or

    which is a shame. what do shopify’s competitors offer re ability to use discounts codes on their cheaper plans?

  • Shan Canfield
    Shan Canfield
    October 18 2012, 03:13AM

    What’s the difference between this and the regular discount codes we can generate in the Promotions area of Shopify? That does the same thing, and tracks the number of times the code is used. The only difference I see is that this one has unique codes for distribution…but really no point in that is there?

  • Robbie Savage @
    Robbie Savage @
    October 18 2012, 04:24AM

    Shan – The point of this app is to allow you to create discount codes (unique ones) in bulk so you don’t have to go through an individually create the codes.

    This is great for email promotion and if you sell on group deal websites such as Groupon.

    And there’s a lot of point in that :-)

  • Tami Battle @
    Tami Battle @
    October 18 2012, 04:42AM

    This app came around at the perfect time for my site. We did a promotion with a daily deal site and we were given about 3,000 unique codes! Could not have imagined inserting each one individually! I love shopify!

  • Rachel Lucie
    Rachel Lucie
    October 18 2012, 06:26AM

    Fantastic news! And great advice, Craig, I had never thought of that.

  • Brian
    October 18 2012, 11:28AM

    Great new release guys.

    Question though, when are we going to be able to create discount codes that combine price threshold with criteria, such as collections?

  • Kjell
    October 18 2012, 01:54PM


    will there be API access to the discount engine? :)

  • Rob Blythe @
    Rob Blythe @
    October 19 2012, 04:21AM

    Hi guys,

    Great release and looking forward to putting them to work.

    Just wondering if anyone knows if its possible to do the following with the codes:
    1) send a unique code to each of my MailChimp addresses
    2) Automatically send a unique code to reward a customer for signing up to our Mailing List
    3) Automatically reward new Facebook “likes” with a unique code.

    Basically looking to use the unique codes to encourage signups/following.

  • Tim
    October 20 2012, 09:40AM

    Hi guys, I’m already working with those codes but somehow I turned off where my customers can add this code in the checkoutprocess. How can I add it again?


  • @Shopify Mark
    October 22 2012, 09:54AM

    1) the blog post actually points to MailChimp’s documentation on merge tags
    2) This might be possible on MailChimp’s end
    3) I don’t think this one will be possible because Facebook probably doesn’t give access to their user’s email addresses.

    @Tim hmmm there isn’t a way to disable discount codes. Remember it’s on the second page of checkout where you enter your credit card details. Give support a shout if you have more questions:

  • Tracie @
    Tracie @
    October 22 2012, 12:08PM

    @Rob and @Mark
    Great questions and answers! We’ve been wondering if we can award customers for new “likes”.

    We’re so happy to be a part of the Shopify Family! :)

  • Andy C
    Andy C
    October 22 2012, 03:51PM

    Does this open the door to allow developers to create discounts on the fly? It’d be nice if our abandoned cart apps or apps like Shop Logic could create these. The abuse of 1 size fits all codes had us discontinue usage until a proper solution was made. This makes it feel a little closer.

  • @Shopify Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    October 23 2012, 11:01AM

    I’ll have to double check, but I don’t think there is a public discount API available. We have plans on releasing a public API, but there will need to be modifications to the Shopify discount engine so that it can handle API requests.

    You do need to have an active discount in order for the discounts field to appear in the checkout

  • Sean C
    Sean C
    October 23 2012, 06:04PM

    Kern – The reps at Shopify have been great at helping us develop a plan that suits our needs. It may seem like the options are few, but Shopify definitely is willing to work with shop owners looking to find a plan “size” that fits. This flexibity is why the other e-commerce sites pale. Give the Shopify team a ring and you’ll know what I mean.

    Glad to see the new apps and Shopify2!

    SC –

  • Scott
    November 11 2012, 01:30PM

    Please help – I can’t see where to generate / grab the merge tag from the bulk discounts app, and nothing appears in mailchimps content editor merge tab drop down relating to the bulk discount list. I have chimpified installed.

  • Eric
    November 14 2012, 07:59PM

    Is it possible to change the discount code terms once they have been created?

    For example, we are selling $20 coupons for $10 but if the customer does not redeem that coupon by a certain date, we want the value declines from $20 to $10.

    Thank you.

  • Scott
    November 26 2012, 04:35PM

    pity no one seems able to actually post a guide on how to implement this in Mailchimp, and their support tells me to ask shopify!
    Come on guys – please post a tutorial.

  • Scott
    December 03 2012, 12:57PM

    Do I REALLY have to employ a mailchimp expert to enable exactly what this App’s description talks about?
    How, please, do you set up Mailchimp merge tag to pull one unique code from the exported list at a time, and where, oh where, do I host that list?
    and finally

    1000’s of codes that don’t sit in a folder in my shop admin make the promotions page un-useable!

  • Robbie Savage @
    Robbie Savage @
    December 24 2012, 12:06PM

    Great app but as Scott says above … where’s the step by step on how to get these individual codes to work with Mailchimp?

    It’s all very well just saying – “Oh yeah guys, you know just use merge tags! Simple!”

    Really wanted to use this for a Christmas day email promo with a unique code for everyone but it seems now that we can’t – I’m not an expert on merge tags or coding and it seems other’s aren’t either.

  • Paul
    April 03 2013, 08:33PM

    I agree with Scott and Robbie, what merge tag do I use for the unique discount code? Any additional info would be great, thanks!

  • Andy
    April 09 2013, 02:21PM

    I agree with Scott, Robbie, and now Paul! Also, I have contacted Shopify support for guidance on MailChimp integration to no avail. I can’t seem to get a hold of anyone there who has working—let alone intimate knowledge—of this app!

  • Steve
    June 12 2013, 04:44AM

    Here’s a link to Shopify’s step by step :)

  • Angie
    October 07 2013, 05:40PM

    Hi! Would this work to import coupon codes from a magento platform or a n excel doc? :) Thanks

  • Dave
    November 26 2014, 11:21PM

    It’s been awhile, and I’m still not seeing a step-by-step tutorial on how to do this:
    - new subscriber signs up
    - mailchimp automatically emails a one time unique code
    Seems simple, but can’t find anything on the net on how to execute.
    Please help anyone!

  • Chrystal
    April 30 2017, 01:57PM

    I’m going to agree with Dave WHERE is there a tutorial on how to actually do this? I can’t find one anywhere!

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