Introducing the New Shopify for iPhone

Introducing the New Shopify for iPhone
Earlier this year, we acquired Select Start Studios, an award-winning mobile app development company. Since we welcomed them to Shopify, our new mobile team has been working hard to make your store look great on a mobile device, and make it easier to run your store from your phone.

Today we're happy to announce one of our mobile team's first big projects: Shopify for iPhone

There are so many cool things you can do with this app:
  • Get order notifications right on your phone
  • Send order-tracking info to customers right from the post office 
  • Track trends in your sales with charts and stats
  • Call or email a customer in one easy step

The Shopify for iPhone App is completely free. If you already have the previous version of Shopify for iPhone installed, it’s a quick upgrade in the App Store. If not, search for "Shopify" on the iPhone's App Store or click the icon below:

Introducing the New Shopify for iPhone

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