New Store Friday - June 15, 2012

New Store Friday - June 15, 2012
Welcome to New Store Friday, Shopify's weekly showcase of ecommerce inspiration. 

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Bass Specialties
Bass Specialties, the first – and only – "bass guitar specific" retail store in the Philadelphia area.

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Custom SLR
Custom SLR delivers high performance camera accessories to improve the shooting experience.

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Unique handcrafted wood back inlays for iPhone 4/4S. Choose from ten domestic and exotic hardwoods and add a custom engraving. Proudly Made in Ottawa, Canada.

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Sass & Peril
Sass & Peril is a creative studio specializing in screen printed paper and textiles as well as Graphic Design.

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Hiut Denim
Handmade jeans by the Grand Masters on the West Coast of Wales.

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Southern Marsh
Southern Marsh a unique clothing store with a snapshot into a life with a little authentic southern class.

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Kittypod is an international lifestyle brand designing authentic cat furniture and accessory solutions for a harmonious cohabitation with your pet.

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Meli Melo
Meli Melo, a British handbag label with Italian heritage, has been coveted by fashion magazines internationally, such as Elle, Vogue and lifestyle magazine.

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Lauren Rolfe Jewelry
Lauren’s designs are new takes on Kathryn’s Art Nouveau-inspired jewelry from the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Lauren uses a wide variety of stones in her designs, from agates to antique carvings to pearls

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Anna Johnstone
Anna's artwork is fun and upbeat, often starring her own original characters and creating colourful work for various clients around the globe.

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Love the Leaf
Local Ottawa men proudly producing Canadian attire for people to show their love of Canada.



  • Karen
    June 15 2012, 10:02PM

    Do you know what would be super-helpful to me in these posts? If you included the name of the template they used. :-)

  • Brandon Eley
    Brandon Eley
    June 18 2012, 01:10PM

    @Karen I’m guessing most of the Magento stores posted above designed custom templates instead of using an off-the-shelf design.

  • Sreegesh
    June 19 2012, 02:44AM

    @Karen absolutely right , It would be of great help that ou could just post the templates and the platforms they used ..

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    June 19 2012, 08:36AM

    Karen: Good suggestion – I’ll pass it along to the team. I can definitely see how that would be useful.

    Brandon: All the stores featured above are built on Shopify – and in fact most are indeed off-the-shelf templates. Thanks for the comment Brandon!

    Sreegesh: Platforms are all Shopify! :-) With regard to templates used, I’ll definitely pass that suggestion on. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • Mike Harding
    Mike Harding
    June 26 2012, 08:15AM

    Hi Brandon, Karen, Sreegesh & Mark,

    I can tell you 2 stores & were design by @inspiradigital Kittypod was designed from the ground up and Meli Melo was based on a theme but redesigned with only a few footer and header elements remaining standard


  • mike
    July 03 2012, 07:33PM

    Would love to see our new shopify store featured one week!! :) Thanks!

  • Leslie Nicole
    Leslie Nicole
    July 10 2012, 05:09AM

    Thanks for the features. It’s inspiring to see other stores.

    Just a little FYI. Bass Specialties is going to a different link than it should. :-)

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