Shopify and Uber Reinvent Local Shipping


Now Shopify merchants can deliver their products to local customers faster than ever.

We’ve partnered with Uber to do what once seemed impossible—make affordable, reliable on-demand delivery a reality for even the smallest business. With Shopify and UberRUSH, your customers can get their online orders in hours not days, making last minute online shopping convenient and impulse buying irresistible.

You've probably already noticed UberRUSH couriers hurrying through the streets of New York, San Francisco, and Chicago delivering packages from Shopify stores. If you operate an online store in one of those cities, you can soon offer your customers on-demand delivery. We’re actively working with the Uber team to expand this service into more locations.

How does UberRUSH work?

Shipping with UberRUSH is like having your own on-demand courier. When a customer requests UberRUSH delivery, simply pack the order, and then schedule an UberRUSH pickup from the order’s fulfillment screen. Within minutes, an UberRUSH courier will arrive, pick the order up, and promptly hand-deliver it anywhere in the city.

How does UberRUSH work?

With UberRUSH, you and your customers can easily track the order’s exact location from pickup to drop off. You can keep track of the order in real-time right from Shopify, and your customers will be emailed a link to UberRUSH’s live map so they can keep track, too.

How to get started with UberRUSH

You’ll be able to install the UberRUSH app when you see this home card in your Shopify admin:

How to get started with UberRUSH

Setup only takes a minute. Just fill in your contact details, mobile phone number, and any special delivery instructions, then click save. Once the app is set up, anytime a local customer checks out from your online store, they’ll be able to select UberRUSH from the shipping options.

How to Drive Sales With Same Day Delivery

Email campaigns: Let your local customers know with a targeted email announcement.

Social media campaign: Create buzz and show your following how they can order things on-demand.

In-store signage: Take advantage of your foot traffic and promote sale day delivery at your retail location.

Online store: Promote same day delivery throughout your online store, including product descriptions.

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