New Store Fridays - November 11, 2011

New Store Fridays - November 11, 2011

 New Store Fridays - November 11, 2011

It's Friday and this week we have a cornucopia of amazing stores for your viewing pleasure. Everything from jewelry to furniture to fruit!

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The Antidote for

Products: All natural air fresheners for home or office.


Products: Iron-on rhinestone transfers, glitter, pearls, nail wraps and much more.


Products: A bunch of boarders just living the dream. Now you can buy board gear from us.

Products: Customizable accessories, chair mats and desk pads with college logos.


Products: Quality skateboard products at affordable prices.

Clark &

Products: Handmade flair for festivities.

My Kid

Products: A superb range of designer labels and everyday non branded boys and baby wear.

Industry Belts &

Products: A unisex accessories line geared toward the hair/make-up/beauty industry.

Adventures of

Products: A cloth diaper emporium and more. Shopping for diapers can be fun.


Products: Temporary tattoos for runners and triathletes.

The Lily

Products: The finest antique French and German textiles combined with today's fabrics to create unique pieces.

The Daily

Products: We sell earrings and only earrings. A new set of earrings will appear daily.

Exotic Rugs

Products: Unique and beautiful rugs ranging from antiquities to contemporaries.

Fruit My

Products: Market fresh fruit delivered straight to your desk at work.

Sally Lee by the

Products: Handmade soy candles & cottage accents.


Products: An organic tea company from New Zealand.

Mas Sato

Products: Our mission is to create stylish furniture children will love to use and adults will love to display.



  • Latex Spuiten
    Latex Spuiten
    November 12 2011, 08:09AM

    I think this is a really cool deal, its free company publicity

  • Marie @ Sally Lee Candles
    Marie @ Sally Lee Candles
    November 12 2011, 03:36PM

    Thank you very much for everything that you do to promote our stores. We are more than happy with your services!

  • Mas @
    Mas @
    November 15 2011, 12:10PM

    Yeah, thanks Shopify for all that you do. Your product and customer service is top notch and I have nothing but great things to say about you guys. Keep up the great work.

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