Why a Custom Domain is Important for your Ecommerce Storefront

Why a Custom Domain is Important for your Ecommerce Storefront

What's in a name? Well, everything, to be blunt. All Shakespeare references aside, it's your main identity for life and the only thing you'll take with you to your grave, if you want to be a little morbid about it. This holds true for having an easily identifiable custom domain (URL) for your ecommerce storefront.

Why a Custom Domain is Important for your Ecommerce Storefront

It takes very little work to buy and set up a custom domain. It's simple and it can be done without having to leave Shopify. You can also integrate your online store with your existing website if you choose. Here are 5 reasons why having a custom domain for your ecommerce storefront will boost business:

  1. It's good for your image. Having an online shop with a generic URL does little to boost your presence on the Web. Using a custom URL like brownwatercoffee.com (awesome Shopify store selling delicious coffee FYI) will work wonders as it'll make you and your company seem more professional. It will help bring your customers back in the future too, as they'll find it much easier to remember the location of your online store.
  2. It will make your store more visible in search results. This will make it easier for your customers to find you when they want to grab that awesome product of yours they've heard about from a friend. Punching your company's name into a search engine like Google or Yahoo is far easier than having to remember a specific URL. This might seem counter-productive to buying and setting up a URL, but it will actually increase your position in search rankings.
  3. It's better for SEO. Owning your own domain is crucial for SEO because any of your Google rankings and the links to your site are all tied to your domain. if you switch domains, you best be aware of any SEO implications and the potential damage it can cause.
  4. It unifies your brand. Having a similar custom URL for your main website and your store helps avoid a disconnect between the two in your customers' minds. Bringing both together under the same URL (through a subdomain like shop.yourcompany.com) or very similar URLs (i.e. yourcompany.com and yourcompanyshop.com), will plant the seeds in your customers' minds that your company website and online store are cut from the same cloth.
  5. Customers expect you to have your own domain. As I've already said, getting a custom domain for your online store is incredibly simple. In fact, these days the majority of consumers will expect your store to have a custom URL. 

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          • Al Herrington
            Al Herrington
            November 12 2011, 10:53AM

            Agreed on all fronts. I can’t believe when I see stores who invest time, money, blood, sweat, and tears into their business and then keep some generic crappy URL. Come on people.

            Thanks for this post Shopify!

          • Rach
            November 12 2011, 11:03AM

            So true! Interesting about the SEO stuff though.. didn’t know that..

          • Pedro Costa
            Pedro Costa
            August 15 2012, 11:42PM

            I’ve already have my own domain in my server.
            Can you have a sub-domain from our main domain even if isn’t installed in Shopify servers?

          • Shopify Experts
            Shopify Experts
            August 12 2014, 06:10AM

            I really like your blog. Thanks for sharing….

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