Gary Vaynerchuk Contest Finalists

Gary Vaynerchuk Contest Finalists
If you didn't already know, we are giving away another 1-on-1 Power Session with Gary Vaynerchuk. We asked Shopify store owners to post a video showing us a little about them and why they wanted to talk with Gary. A big thank you to everyone who took the time to make a video and enter the contest! 
Gary Vaynerchuk is author of The Thank You Economy and Crush It. Gary isn't just some self-made guru, he's grown his family's retail liquor store into an online empire. He's one of the most passionate business people you will meet.
Our first Power Session was won by Deckster, a watch band that turns an iPod Nano into a fashion accessory. The owners of Deckster got some great advice, encouragement and even contacts from their call with Gary
Gary Vaynerchuk will be picking our winner personally. We'll post a video announcing the winner early next week. 

Adam Baumgartner - JackBacks
You may remember Adam and JackBacks from my interview with him for our Build A Business series of interviews. JackBacks are real wood replacements for the back bezel of iPhone 4's.

Natasha Wozniak - Natasha Wozniak Jewelry
Natasha is an amazing jeweler that crafts everything by hand. This video provides an interesting glimpse behind the scenes as Natasha shows us her workshop.

David Hachez - Raz*War
Razors and shaving accessories has long been dominated by large multinational brands. Raz*War is aiming to change that with their line of wet shaving products that are available individually or as part of a subscription.

Give Dap - Give Dap
Give Dap aims to be the go to place for getting gifts for men. Their video had the largest wig budget of all those submitted.

Eileen Chow - Play Lashes
Play Lashes launched just recently, offering cruelty free mink hair lashes. They are already off to a great start, but are hoping to get some advice from Gary.

Good luck to all our entrants!