20 Year-Old Student Builds A +$100K Business Selling Hats

20 Year-Old Student Builds A +$100K Business Selling Hats
In the winter of 2007, Corinne Prevot was a 17-year-old high school junior who loved cross country skiing. One day, she picked up some colorful lycra fabric and started sewing nordic ski hats for herself and friends. The style of her hats was fresh and the patterns were cool. People started offering money for her hats, and demand grew at a steady pace until she had to hire seamstresses to help fulfill orders. A business was born, and Corinne's ski brand, SKIDA, was quickly becoming all the rage.
It's been three years now and Corinne is selling her skiwear in 47 retail stores across the US, and runs a successful online store with Shopify. Sales for the last 12 months? $100,000. 

Forbes Magazine got wind of Corinne's story and wrote a great article called All Star Student Entrepreneurs: Hat Trick
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