Improving Customer Support with The Shopify Happiness Report

Improving Customer Support with The Shopify Happiness Report

We've always received lots of love from our users for having fantastic customer support. In an effort to continuously improve, we're launching the Shopify Happiness Report. This report will make our customer feedback (our report card, if you will) available for everyone to see. This gives you, our users, the power to both reward and reprimand us for our support services, and allows us to improve with each and every customer interaction. 

How does it work?
Every time you receive an email response from a member of our customer support team, you'll be asked to rate that experience by clicking on one of three emoticons: a smiley face (positive experience), a flat-line face (average experience) or a frowny face (unpleasant experience). 

Improving Customer Support with The Shopify Happiness Report

The last 100 ratings will then be on display for everyone to see at our Shopify Happiness Report.

How it helps you:
We're launching the Shopify Happiness Report to improve our support service. By being completely transparent about our customer satisfaction we are continuously held accountable for our level of service. The Shopify Happiness Report gives customers the power to let everyone in the world know exactly how we are doing, and we're going to work our butts off until we see A LOT of smiling faces :-)

(This awesome app was developed by our friends at 37Signals. It was developed as a way for their customers to quickly gauge the quality of every customer service interaction. Here at Shopify, we heard about their "Smiley App" and asked if we could use it. Luckily, they said yes! If you haven't heard of 37Signals yet you should definitely check them out. Along with this smiley app, they've created tons of awesome software we use every day at the Shopify office.) 


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