Notes In Transit

Notes In Transit


As I write this, I'm killing time in the food court by Vancouver International Airport's Gate 45, waiting for my flight back to Ottawa, home of Shopify headquarters as well as my home for the summer. My plane doesn't take off for a little while, and since Shopify was kind enough to provide me with one of the nicest laptops I've ever had and the airport was kind enough to provide free wifi, I thought I'd make good use of both and post some quick notes from this trip, with more detailed ones to follow later.

The primary purpose of my visit was to attend BarCamp Portland, the third BarCamp on the BarCamp Tour schedule. I was there to represent Shopify, who along with our tourmates BatchBlue, Grasshopper, MailChimp and Wufoo, were there not just as sponsors but as participants, presenters and people-at-large, meeting up with the Portland tech community. We member companies of the BarCamp Tour are the product of healthy tech communities, and we believe that other successful companies, as well as our ability to continue succeeding and serving our customers, depends on our efforts to help create and maintain those communities. That's why we sponsor BarCamps across North America, and it's also why we attend them.

I met a good number of people at BarCamp Portland and attended many sessions, and as you might have come to expect, I took copious notes. I'll be posted them shortly, so watch this blog!

I also took a little time to meet a couple of Shopify customers "up close and personal", to put some faces to some customer names, as well as to chat with them and get to know what they like -- and more importantly, don't like -- about Shopify, as well as what they'd like to be able to do with their Shopify stores. On this trip, I chatted with Erika Moen, creator of the DAR! and Bucko webcomics while in Portland (Erika's Shopify store is here), and then when I took the train to Seattle, I got a chance to catch up with Brian Sunter and Kenneth from Penny Arcade's merch department (Penny Arcade's Shopify store is here), took notes of what did and didn't work for them.

I do a fair bit of travel in my job, and I'll be posting my travel schedule in advance. If I'm heading to your city or town and you've got a Shopify store -- or perhaps just thinking about opening one -- let me know via email or Twitter; I'd love to catch up with you!

They're making the pre-boarding announcement for my flight, so that's it for now. See you on the other side!