Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay

Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay

The explosive growth of Mobile Commerce (now simply called m-commerce), should come as no surprise. The proliferation of smartphones has made purchasing over handheld devices convenient, easy, and secure. The numbers speak for themselves: According to intelligence firm Berg Insight, global smartphone shipments grew 74% from 2009 to 2010. The firm anticipates by 2015 there will be an estimated 2.8 billion smartphone users across the world, and you can bet they’ll be making purchases from their fancy little mobile devices. 

One Shopify customer who has a deep understanding of the power of m-commerce is Angry Birds. Over the last 6 months, they have sold more than 2 million plush toys... many of which through mobile devices. Simply put, mobile commerce is here to stay!

Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay

You don’t need a mobile optimized store to sell your goods via smartphone. For the most part, anyone can access your Shopify store through their iPhone, Blackberry or Android. They can browse your merchandise and even make purchases. But ordinary websites are designed to be viewed on a regular sized computer screen and may look a little awkward on a 3 inch screen. A lot of stores aren't mobile optimized. On mobile devices, viewing space is far more limited. Optimizing your website for mobile means to display it in a way so it’s easily viewable without having to scroll around a giant page. Call to actions are simplified and important buttons are enlarged so it’s easy to hit with your finger on a touchscreen.  



Within the coming months, Shopify will be unveiling special mobile optimized themes in our Theme Store. These themes will allow customers to view your Shopify store on their mobile device exactly how you intend it to viewed. 

We've also teamed up with Movylo Shop, a leading m-commerce company who have integrated their service seamlessly with Shopify. The Movylo Shop App lets Shopify merchants easily create mobile optimized stores. You simply upload your company name, logo, products (including attributes), descriptions, prices and images. Then, you can customize your mobile optimized store with choice of template, company information and even your brick-and-mortar address (if applicable) so your customers can find you when they are on the road. 

Movylo Shop also allows Shopify merchants to create unlimited impulse deals, and blast them through mobile devices, quickly, easily and efficiently. You can utilize email, text messaging and/or QR codes to promote your deals as often and as many times as you wish, all under your control. You also have access to reporting analytics for your mobile promo campaigns.


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