Culinary Masters Cooking Up Recipes For Japan

Culinary Masters Cooking Up Recipes For Japan

Online recipe box KeepRecipes has teamed up with some of the best chefs in the world, including Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto, Michelin Star Chef Anito Lo, and Madonna’s personal chef Mayumi Nishimura, to put together a Japanese inspired digital recipe book to help the American Red Cross with relief efforts in Japan.

KeepRecipes And Shopify Team Up With Master Chefs For Japan

You can get your 21-page cookbook by donating a minimum of $10 here. The website is powered and sponsored by Shopify, Rackspace, and Sailthru.



  • Phil Michaelson
    Phil Michaelson
    April 11 2011, 05:01PM

    Let me say that we could not have gotten such a well designed and well functioning storefront up without Shopify. Their entire team has been an awesome partner for our fundraising.

    Already the site has deftly handled traffic from, and NY1. Many thanks to Shopify.


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    May 01 2011, 08:06PM

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