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Put Your Advertising on Autopilot with Vurve

Vurve's Dashboard

Advertising online is an important element of running a successful online store. You can significantly increase your traffic and sales by displaying ads on sites like Google and Facebook. However, it can be really time consuming and even confusing to manage. Should you advertise on Google, Yahoo or Facebook? What keywords should you target? How much should you bid for them? What should you say?

Shopify has teamed up with Vurve to answer all those questions and to make managing your advertising budget really simple and highly profitable.

Vurve automatically advertises your products on Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of the major networks for you. It analyzes your products, creates ads, determines where and how to display them, and handles keyword generation, budget management, portfolio management, bid algorithms and optimization. The only thing you need to do is set your advertising budget.

Vurve in Shopify

We believe that online advertising and Vurve’s solution is so important and beneficial to running your online store that we integrated their service directly in your store’s admin. Starting today, you will find Vurve under the marketing tab. So login, click on “Get started” and put your advertising on autopilot.


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