Say hello to our new logo

Say hello to our new logo
We have been using our trusty Shopify bag since our launch. It has made appearances in many ads, banners, wallpapers and survived 3 revisions of our homepage.
Say hello to our new logo
the old logo

It has served us well, some remarks from puzzled commenters aside (“Is that a green brick?”). However, there has been a growing urge for a new logo so we found ourselves lucky that we could secure the amazingly talented logo designer Jon Hicks for a redesign.

When it comes to changing any piece of corporate identity such as a logo it’s important to not lose all of the old design’s familiarity and potentially alienate your customers and followers (unless you want to reinvent yourself completely).

The rules for this redesign: there should be a green shopping bag and it should sport a big s.

Despite these constraints Jon fired up a remarkable collection of drafts:

He was mocking up various shapes and styles of bags and we were comparing photos of real shopping bags & totes, pointing out the impressions we got and which features were appealing to us.

some of the coloured revisions Jon made

There were many things to consider during this process: does the logo work equally well on light and on dark backgrounds? Does it scale well (to a tiny version and to a huge banner/poster size? Does it look sturdy (you wouldn’t want your logo to look like it’s going to tip over any second)? Does it look good with our typeface next to it? How does it translate to print and what would it look like in black & white?

Without further ado, we are proud to present to you the beautiful new Shopify logo:


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