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Shopify Theme Store launches

Shopify Theme Store launches

We're very happy to announce that we just launched the Shopify Theme Store.

The Theme Store houses all the Shopify themes. As a storeowner you can now find a great theme for your existing or new Shopify store, and as a designer you can submit and sell your themes on the Theme Store.

There are 4 brand new official Shopify themes, Structure, Spotless, Sortable, and Solo

As well, 3 beautiful third party themes were submitted by Shopify Concierge, John Rawsterne and Reconfigure.

If you want to submit your own theme to the Theme Store take a look at our guidelines and sign up for a partners account so you can create a demo store for testing and showing off your themes. Then go ahead and submit your theme.

If you are a designer and have any questions about submitting or designing a Shopify theme post on the Shopify Design Forums and someone will help you out.

We can't wait to see what you come up with!