Multiple Options for Products Released!

Multiple Options for Products Released!

We are thrilled to announce the release of one of the most requested features in Shopify: Multiple Options for Products!

You can now have products with multiple options, making it easier for you to organize your products and for your customers to browse and select what they want to buy. For example, if you sell jeans you'll easily be able to create a different drop-down menu for the colour/style, another one for the waist size, and another for the length.

The front-end of the store would look something like this, allowing easy selection of any option for your product:

The back-end is streamlined, making it easy to add new variations, change existing variations, or modify the product options.

We worked hard to make this feature as intuitive and straightforward as the rest of the Shopify interface, and we think you'll love using it. All our current themes have this feature built in, and converting your custom theme is a simple process. See links below for the tutorials.

Last week we put up a screencast explaining the new product screen. Here it is again in case you've missed it - Mike shows you all the great new improvements and explains how multiple options work:

For additional help, you can check out our Tutorial Wikis below: