Holiday shopping spree or economic crisis?

You might have noticed the big economic crisis that has the world down to its knees. It wouldn’t be a big surprise if you’ve missed it either, if you’re selling online, that is. The word is one market remaining untouched by the downfall, and even expanding in these hard times, is right here: eCommerce. A Forrester research interview with ecommerce companies states “the overall industry remains strong” in an article on The impact of the economic crisis on ecommerce technology investment .

Also in Canada, there’s a new report in the news stating a “61% growth in online shopping”.

With that in mind, now that the holiday shopping season is here, what are the storming online shoppers looking for? MarketWatch posted an interesting article about shoppers continuing to shift purchase online , citing convenience, time saving and price among the many reasons.

With all that good news in the bag, are you staying on top of the game?