Shipping notification emails

Shipping notification emails

Shipping notification emails

When you mark items as shipped in Shopify, you now have the option of sending out an automatically generated notification to the customer letting them know information about the shipment. If you wait until later to add a tracking number to your shipment, it’s no problem: another email can be automatically sent out with just the new information.

You’ll find a couple of new Liquid templates in your Email & Notifications Preferences screen which can be customized to your heart’s content. The “Shipping confirmation” template is used when you mark items as shipped, and the “Shipping update” template is used when you add a tracking number to a previously created shipment.



  • Anders
    July 04 2008, 05:30PM


  • Lisa
    July 04 2008, 05:30PM

    Thank you!!! This saves me a whole other process I have been doing myself!

  • Stacey B
    Stacey B
    July 04 2008, 05:30PM

    This is a life-saver. Thank you for hearing everyone’s requests!

  • chris
    April 16 2013, 06:11AM

    We are selling digital products only, so how do we disable the shipping confirmation email please?

  • Patricia
    May 12 2016, 10:19PM

    How do I send a shipment notification if I did not check the notify box when printing the shipping label?

  • john
    September 17 2016, 06:17AM

  • Jason
    October 07 2016, 03:31PM

    Is this “Notify customer of shipment” an option for each shipment that you have to actively select each time? Or, can this be set true automatic so if you use SHOPIFY shipping label, then notification is sent WITHOUT checking “Notify customer of shipment”?

    Let me know.


  • John
    April 19 2017, 07:56AM

    Well, Shopping Notification is much more important. but, Look and feel also matter’s

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