Product Import & Export

Product Import & Export

By popular demand, today we introduce bulk product import & export to Shopify.

You are now able to export your product database as a csv file and import it back. The CSV file can reference urls to product images which will be automatically downloaded as part of the import process.

See it in action:

Product Import & Export

Update: We added a new import preview feature as well as much better error reporting. You can read about it here.



  • Matt Grey
    Matt Grey
    July 01 2008, 10:00AM

    Absolutely blooming wonderfully fantastic. Just in the knickerleg of time too, I was thinking of offing. This will encourage me to actually make something of our store. Thank you.

  • Damien Buckley
    Damien Buckley
    July 01 2008, 10:00AM

    You guys rock – totally.

  • monte atherton
    monte atherton
    July 01 2008, 10:00AM

    I can’t wait for a one-click way to do live product data feeds to google base and the like. Anyone else excited for that? Anyone know about plans for this feature?

    Thanks for the new features.

  • dev_ps
    April 04 2013, 06:29AM

    shopify export is useless

  • MissG
    June 14 2013, 04:04AM

    I agree that shopify export is useless!!!!

  • David
    June 29 2013, 07:07AM

    CSV export? You guys live in a cave? Heard of XML?

  • TopMan
    July 14 2013, 02:46PM

    XML is hundred times better than CSV. Why the heck shopify still using this inconvenience method?
    Let peoples use excel and fill out the FORM! THAT’S EASY!

  • Juan
    June 30 2014, 06:22AM

    Still unable to export/import xml files? I cannot believe it.

  • federico
    October 04 2015, 06:35PM

    still no chance to use xml files???? its 2015….

  • Chiriac Cristinel Constantin
    Chiriac Cristinel Constantin
    September 24 2016, 02:58PM

    2016 and still no option to import products from xml ?
    So glad that you have the 14 days trial other why i just trow mi money out of the window just to see that you dont have an option to import products from xml.
    Now you have mi email please send me an notification wen the xml option it will be availeble till then i you still you Magento ;)

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