Affiliate News: February 19

Hi all,

A few tidbits for your perusal today.

You’ll notice that the feed for Affiliate Blog articles is now in your affiliate page (Thank you Tobi!). This will allow you to easily be notified of new content, which we plan to provide you frequently.

We’re pleased to announce that Australian SecurePay Payment Gateway has been integrated in to Shopify. SecurePay supports merchant accounts with most Australian banks including Advance Bank, ANZ Bank, Bank of Melbourne, Bank of SA, Bank West, Commonwealth Bank, Challenge Bank, National Australia Bank, St George Bank, and Westpac Bank, and should help extend the reach of Shopify to more Australian customers.

If you haven’t seen it already, the Pew Internet Report on Online Shopping covers a lot of very interesting ground on the average American online shopper. The report details how attitudes, technology, socio-economic status and age factor in to an individual’s likelihood of carrying out an online transaction. The good news is, consumers find ecommerce easy and convenient, but concerns about entering their credit card details keeps many from pushing the “buy” button. Which is interesting, since as this article states, online credit card purchases are generally safer than in-store transactions. The report, while a bit dry, has a lot of valuable information about the kind of person who tends to be an online shopper – and the reasons why others aren’t.

Cool Blog Find: This Week in Etail showcases the changing face of online stores, displaying screenshots of popular sites and tracking the ongoing changes made to keep their looks fresh – or not so fresh.

For our European and International partners: Computer Weekly states that The UK will account for at least 40% of 2008 online sales in Western Europe. That’s great news for our UK and European partners; now how to capitalize on that trend? If any of our UK/European partners want to comment or share some ideas with others in that space, please let me know and we can look in to doing a feature in this blog.

Finally, do you have any questions about the content of the blog, about the Affiliate program or about Shopify in general? If so, please let me know by contacting me at affiliates [at] jadedpixel [dot] com. Thanks and keep in touch!