Pagination and other updates

Pagination and other updates

Daniel and I spent the last week making Shopify work better with large product collections.

  • Inventory overview screen is now paginated
  • Collections edit screen is now paginated
  • We introduced the paginate liquid tag which allows you to add pagination to your shop. More on that later
  • We removed automatic collections. All current automatic collections were converted into smart collections.

There are two ways to add pagination to your shop:

  1. If you have not made any modifications to your templates just visit the theme gallery and re-apply the theme of your choice. We updated all templates to contain the new pagination code.
  2. If you have made changes to your templates visit the paginate tag help page on our wiki and follow the steps described there.

Vision has also seen an update. It contains all the latest liquid goodness as well as the updated templates which utilize the paginate tag.